Trends in Kazakhstan's Public Opinion Prior to the Protests


Central Asia Barometer conducts bi-annual cross-country public opinion surveys across Central Asia since Spring 2017. In the following, we will discuss how public opinion on important issues evolved prior to the protests in Kazakhstan in January 2022. The data shows the trends in public opinion from Spring 2017 (Wave 1) to Spring 2021 (Wave 9) in Kazakhstan. 


When asked to compare the economic situation in the country to a year ago, Kazakhstanis provided differing answers, which have significantly changed through time. Positive perceptions are gradually dropping, while the number of respondents with more negative views of the economic situation significantly grew through time. The biggest changes happened in 2020 when the share of people who said, that the economic situation is much worse grew from 5% to 30%. 

When asked about predictions about their country's economy, Kazakhstanis were generally pessimistic through time. The number of people who share a positive prognosis about the country's economy (become much better/ better answer options) constitutes nearly half of the population and fluctuates, while the number of people, who thought that things are going to stay the same significantly dropped and the ones who think it will get worse slightly increased.

The overwhelming majority in Kazakhstan have consistently answered that the cost of food and housing has increased in comparison with the last year from 2017 onwards.